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Dietary supplements protect your health by restoring nutrient deficiencies, while natural weight-loss aids can help you burn fat and control your appetite. Dr. Thomas J. Marzili in Marlton, New Jersey, believes in supporting your health by assessing your nutritional status and recommending the supplements you need to maintain optimal wellness. If you have questions about supplements or would like expert recommendations, call Dr. Marzili’s office in South Jersey or request an appointment online today.

Why is it important to have a doctor recommend supplements?

One of the most important things to know is that supplements aren’t regulated. If they haven’t been tested by an independent lab, they may not contain all the ingredients or the exact dose listed on the label.

Some types of herbal supplements can interact with prescription medications. It’s also possible to consume a toxic amount of some vitamins and minerals.

Working together with Dr. Marzili is the best way to be sure your supplements are safe, effective, and provide exactly what you need.

When do you need dietary supplements?

Although it’s best to get the nutrients you need through your diet, that can be hard to do, even when your meals contain nothing but nutritious foods.

If any of the following applies to your situation, you may need dietary supplements to stay healthy, regardless of your diet:

Illness, injury, or surgery

When you are sick, have a chronic disease, or a wound, your body needs specific nutrients to heal and maintain your health. Some health conditions and surgical procedures also reduce nutrient absorption.

If you do not take supplements, you can quickly end up with a nutrient deficiency, which in turn means you won’t heal normally or your health condition may worsen.

Being older than 50

Your body goes through natural changes as you get older that interfere with normal digestion and nutrient absorption. It’s important to get some of your nutrients, such as vitamin B12, in a supplemental form that’s easily absorbed.

As you get older, you are also at a higher risk for diseases that may be prevented with nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D for osteoporosis and omega-3 fatty acids for heart health, for example.

What types of supplements support weight loss?

Dr. Marzili may recommend nutritional supplements or natural weight-loss supplements to boost your weight-loss efforts.

Nutritional supplements

As you cut down on calories to lose weight, you eat less food and therefore consume fewer nutrients. Even when every calorie is packed with nutrition, you still may not get all the essential nutrients you need.

Lack of nutrients affects your overall health and slows down your metabolism, which interferes with weight loss. Dietary supplements can keep your diet on track.

To learn whether you have a nutrient deficiency and which supplements will benefit your health, call Dr. Thomas J. Marzili, MD, in Marlton, New Jersey or request an appointment online today.